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    Math Riddle No. 1, Solution

“To be or not to be,” that is the answer.

What is the question?What is the square root of 4B^2?

    Word Puzzle No. 1, Solution

• The words (except for one)

Reflection, Cheers, Thousand, Alpha, Scotch, American, Steady, Father, Fourth, Winner, Inn

are synonyms for the words

Echo, Bravo, kilo, Alpha, Whiskey, Yankee, Uniform, Papa, Delta, Victor, Hotel

which are code words in the International [and aviation] Phonetic Alphabet.

• The exception word is Alpha. It does not belong because Alpha is an actual code word, not a synonym of one. (This is why it appears in both lists.)

The code words in their correct alphabetic order:

Alpha, Bravo, Delta, Echo, Hotel, Kilo, Papa, Uniform, Victor, Whiskey, Yankee

Therefore the words in their correct sequential order:

[Alpha,] Cheers, Fourth, Reflection, Inn, Thousand, Father, Steady, Winner, Scotch, American

• Finally, the last code word in the International [and aviation] Phonetic Alphabet is: Zulu. To fit into the above list you need to come up with synonym for it, such as “a member or a language of a South African people.” Or, simply the letter Z for which the code word stands.

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